week four… man with a passion

When the Komen Greater Cincinnati Affiliate needs help, there is one man who we can always  call in to get the job done. Bill Teater has a passion for showing support to the women in our community. It started with a Bridal Show but Bill’s connection to the affiliate has become so much more.

Here is his story, as told by his daughter Stephanie:

Stephanie Teater and her dad Bill. At this year’s Power of the Promise Awards night. This is one of the many events that would not be the same without Bill.

Eight years ago, my dad started a bridal show and partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation in order to bring more visibility to the show.  I am sure my dad had no idea how that decision would impact him in the future. Dad also thought it would be great if actual survivors could model in the fashion show.  Komen was quick to help set this up.  The thought was that young women in the audience would see that this is not just a disease that attacks older women.  He wanted to encourage young women to be proactive about early detection and awareness by seeing younger survivors on stage. The dramatic part was that nobody would know that many of the models were survivors until the end of the show.  He was hoping this decision would have a bigger impact on the viewers. Komen would also have a booth at the event to talk to young women and encourage them to be proactive regarding their health in this area. The first year was a success, and a bond was formed for my dad with the organization.

The impact was significant to my father.  That first year of the show, while
being stressful from a production standpoint, was extremely emotional for
dad.  He would constantly talk about the great battles that many of the
models had fought. These young women inspired my dad with
their courageous stories of survivorship, their strength, and hope for a
future without breast cancer.  He was in awe of these unbelievable ladies
going through such horrific battles and showing such a resilient spirit.
As the first show was finishing, he vowed he wanted to do more; He
wanted to be more involved.  He wanted to help more in the fight.  He
didn’t want to see anyone lose the battle.  Dad got more connected becoming
a sponsor at Race for The Cure, and trying to help out where ever he

One of the beautiful survivors at the Bridal Show!

The one thing Dad feared most since starting this show has occurred three different times; Three of the survivor models lost their battle with this terrible disease.  Each time it happened, I have seen my father get more committed to helping so that others can win the battle and imagine a world without breast cancer!  Each year since 2005, the bridal show has been able to increase it’s donation to Susan G. Komen, and knowing how my dad works I know that will continue to happen each year.  Great Day Producions may be the company he owns, but his passion is helping in the fight against breast cancer!

week three… cancer fighting family

Tri-State family unites to take on breast cancer!

Sweeney Family at their first Race for the Cure

Our life changed four years ago when we heard the words “you have breast cancer”. The first thing that Keith and I worried about was how do we tell our two young sons what we had ahead of us without scaring them? Keith’s suggestion was to stay positive and keep moving in the right direction to our goal- beating cancer. That’s just what we did- laughed through the tears when I lost my hair, cuddled in to watch movies when I didn’t feel good during my treatment, and raising money for Susan G. Komen Cincinnati to fund research towards finding a cure.  Through our fundraising efforts as a family by forming Team SuperGirl!, the boys were able to learn that they can take an active role in  making a difference. 

The boys and the lemonade stand that started it all…


It all started with an idea to set up a corner lemonade stand, with the profits going to our Race team. Then the ideas started to flow!  Used book sales, garage sales, selling pink bottles of water outside Kroger and donation boxes at local businesses. It really starts to add up! Each year, as The Race for the Cure rolls around, our family looks forward to making an impact. Turning a negative into a positive, a lesson my boys have learned early in their lives. Susan G. Komen Cincinnati has taught our family that the world is bigger than just us, and that ideas, no matter how small they may seem, put together can make a huge difference!

Carson and a friend at the 2011 Power of the Promise Event- where Carson was recognized at the top Kid’s for the Cure fundraiser. He has raised over $3000 in the past two years!

Team SuperGirl at Great American Ballpark at the 2011 Race

be inspired.. week one

Can you believe it? September 29, 2012, will mark Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Cincinnati’s 15th Annual Race for the Cure. Over the past 15 years, each of us has been given reasons to fight for the cure for breast cancer. In the 15 weeks leading up to  the 2012 Race for the Cure, we will  be sharing with you just a few of the countless inspiring stories that have made our Affiliate what it is today. These stories will come from individuals who have helped in the trenches to give local women a fighting chance against this disease. These individuals are not only survivors, but are also co-survivors, grantees, sponsors, and volunteers. These are 15 lives that have forever changed the lives of thousands of others.  We hope you take the time to read each one… we promise you’ll be inspired!

Jean Lambers Bode and her entire family run, walk and fundraise each year in the Komen Greater Cincinnati Race for the Cure. The longtime commitment and passion that they have to make certain that others that are diagnosed with breast cancer have all the services and resources they need to fight and win their battle.

Nancy and friends at the 1999 Race for the Cure

Nancy and friends at the 1999 Race for the Cure
From left to right: Lisa Tanner (Nancy’s best friend,) Peggy Isenogle (1999 Race Chair,) Jen Armbruster (Nancy’s cousin and Volunteer,) Nancy Lambers Bresser, Jean Bode (Nancy’s big sister,) Cathy Westrich (Survivor and Volunteer.)

Jean writes:
My little sister Nancy did not do one amazing thing, she just simply was amazing.  Nancy Lambers Bresser was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 days after her 25th birthday, and passed away just shy of her 30th. During that time, she brought joy, hope and lived with serenity.  She did not set out to become a warrior in the fight against breast cancer, but she led the charge none-the-less. When our family searched for support we found a friend in Komen Cincinnati and the Race for the Cure. During her last year, Nancy was unable to walk unaided, but during the 1999 Race for the Cure, while proudly wearing her Number 1 Survivor Bib and pink hat, she was prompted by her best friend Lisa to get out of her wheelchair as they neared the finish line. Nancy with her beautiful smile, and shaky legs, courageously finished her Race walking by herself!  She was surrounded by a tear-filled crowd of family, friends and strangers, who all understood what they were witnessing.

Our family and friends continue to be proud supporters of the Komen Cincinnati Race for the Cure and were blessed when the Nancy Lambers Bresser Serenity Award was created in 2000, to honor those who lives have been touched by breast cancer. Nancy was so much more than a person with breast cancer; she was a wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, niece, and kindergarten teacher. In all those roles she simply lived the life she was given in peaceful acceptance and serenity. I continue the fight for her; I just wish I was doing it with her.  As Nancy said, “All is well.”

Nancy inspired her family to fight so those diagnosed with breast cancer have a chance to win their battle. Who inspires you? Share your inspiration and know we will finish this fight together!