Stories of Inspiration – The Breast Cancer Couple

Patty Stump and Mike Shroder look like your average married couple. They are parents, grandparents, restaurant owners and best friends. But they have one thing in common that most couples do not: they are both breast cancer survivors. Patty shares their inspirational story in today’s post.

“Mike and I share a lot of the same things that most married couples share except for ONE….. breast cancer! Most people are not aware that MEN can get ps and msbreast cancer too! Yes it is true! While the occurrence is much less the survival rate for men is much lower. I believe the reason is 2 fold. One is because men don’t look for it like women do, the other is when breast cancer occurs in men the tissue is so close to the chest wall it moves into the body very quickly so by the time it is realized it is in later stages.

Mike was diagnosed in 2006. I personally had NEVER known any other man that has had breast cancer. I soon discovered, while it is unusual, there are quite a few other men out there that are fighting the same fight. That is: fighting a disease typically know as a women’s disease.

Cancervive photo of PS MS

Patty and Mike

I was diagnosed in 2007 one year and 1 week after Mike and then again in 2011. Both times were very early stages and we both received excellent treatment from the doctors at UC Cancer Institute’s Comprehensive Breast Center.

Since our diagnosis we have felt it very important to let men know that they can also get breast cancer and that early detection for women can lead to a positive outcome, depending on the type and stage of cancer.

Because it is very rare for a couple to both have breast cancer, we have had the privilege to be a part of many special events. We have been honored to have won the Susan G. Komen Greater Cincinnati Promise of One Award. We were the Red’s Bat Couple on Mother’s Day “Batting Out Breast Cancer”. It was the 1st time a man had been nominated in the entire Major League and we won. We have been asked to be interviewed many times on most of the local TV stations sharing our unusual story of the “Couple With Breast Cancer.”

61946_166129203397976_4213519_nPatty and Mike have participated in the Race for the Cure with their families and friends for many years now and it’s always a joy to see them at the Race. Join them and hundreds of other survivors at the 2015 Race for the Cure, Friday night August 28th at Smale Riverfront Park. #CincyRFTC

team 2012

Patty and Mike’s team: Team CANcervive

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