Focus on Fundraising: Knocking Out Breast Cancer

The Komen Greater Cincinnati blog is back! We will be blogging a few times a month. If you have an inspirational story, topic or idea you’d like to share please contact Melissa at We’d love to hear from you!

This month’s post is focused on fundraising. Enjoy!

Brian Lane is 26. He works for his family’s business. He graduated from Miami University, played football for Moeller and started boxing at The Punch House in 2012. Sounds like your average guy right? Well, this average guy was able to raise over $6,000 for Susan G. Komen Greater Cincinnati in November 2014.

Rewind to the spring of 2014, Brian was on a business trip when his dad called and told him to cut the trip short and come home right away. When Brian got home, he walked into the kitchen to find his sisters looking somber, and his mom and dad waiting. There is never an easy way to tell anyone that someone they love has breast cancer, so Brian’s dad Mike came right out with it, “Your mom has breast cancer.” As Brian tells on his GoFundMe page, “I remember hitting the floor in tears searching for my breath. All I could hear were my sisters crying and my dad saying, ‘I am sorry there’s no easy way to deliver that message.’ Finally I feel someone’s hands pick my 270lbs body up, and go figure, the only person strong enough to do that was my mom, Holly Lane.”

Brian had been boxing and working out at The Punch House since 2012. The gym was a place he could go to talk to a friend or let out all his anger while taking it out on a bag. He’d been asked numerous times to take part in a Client Fight Night. But he always declined. He was approached again in September of 2014 and this time he had a reason to say yes, he thought to himself “Brian, your mom fought and she didn’t have a choice. It’s time to put your mind to something and dedicate yourself to something bigger than you and give it your all, win or lose.” He decided that if he was going to get punched, he was going to do it in the fight against breast cancer. So Brian teamed up with The Punch House on November 14th to Knock-Out Breast Cancer.

His goal was to raise $1,500, and within the first few days he had raised $3,000! Brian used It’s easy to use, easy to set up and you can link it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. That way it’s easy for friends to share, so easy that in just a few days Brian’s Facebook post about the event had close to 500 shares! His close friends and family started donating first, and then it snowballed into friends of friends, his parents’ classmates, and people he didn’t even know. In just a month he had raised over $6,000! He said he didn’t do much planning, it all just happened.

Brian and his family

Brian and his family

On November 14 Brian entered the ring at The Punch House, wearing pink, to a crowd of 500 people – the majority there to support him of course. In the end his opponent’s hand was raised as the winner, but Brian says the fight could not have been closer. And we could not agree more with him when he says “I knew I won before I stepped into the ring.”

Brian and his mom embrace after his fight

Brian and his mom embrace after his fight

If you’d like to learn more about Brian’s story, please visit

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