week ten… it takes a team

Can you believe that there are only FIVE weeks until the 2012 Race for the Cure? Have you registered for the Race yet? There is still time to sign-up and join Patty and Mike at the start line!

It Takes a TEAM PATTY to Beat Breast Cancer

Patty Stump is my mother.  She is also a grandmother, a wife, a business owner and a two-time survivor of breast cancer.  You may know someone like my Mom.  But I want to give you some insight into how she is able to carry on all these roles with such success.  Besides being a naturally positive person, my mother has a “secret weapon”.  It’s called a support system, TEAM PATTY.

This system starts with her husband, Mike Shroder, who also is a breast cancer survivor.  Mike was the first to be diagnosed.  A year after his diagnosis, Patty was diagnosed.  You might think that this would be a knock-out blow for any couple, but not these two.  They met it head on; went through the necessary treatments and came out even more committed to each other.

Four years after Patty’s first encounter with breast cancer she was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time.  In addition to the blow of the diagnosis, Patty was about to lose her health insurance coverage.  If that weren’t enough, Patty and Mike had just started a new business and were trying to get it on its feet.  This combination would be overwhelming to any couple.  But that’s when the “TEAM” appeared.  That’s when the support system kicked in.

Patty’s sister came to visit and helped at the business and in so many other ways.  Old friends came to give emotional support.  Mike’s sister helped find insurance coverage and a whole lot of people offered to help with my two sons so I could spend more time at the business.  Husband, son-in-law, sisters, brother, cousins, friends, business associates and even customers were all team members.  There was no hand wringing or sad sighs; there was only an attitude that we were all going to do our part to help Patty and Mike get through this “bump in the road”.  People just stepped up.

It takes more than a good medical team to beat breast cancer.  It takes a TEAM PATTY.  The concern, the caring, the common goal are all part of forming a TEAM.  But it is the determination and the love given by each team member that helps BEAT BREAST CANCER.

Check out this interview on FOX19: Patty and Mike at Kings Island


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