week five… famous faces go above and beyond

Frank Marzullo and Tracey Johnson celebrating the one year partnership between FOX19 and Komen Greater Cincinnati.

You recognize their faces.  Tracey Johnson and Frank Marzullo bring you the information you need to know and the weather to plan your day every morning.  But maybe there is something about this duo you don’t know — their commitment to the war on breast cancer.

As a Pink Tie Guy, Frank proudly wears his Komen pink tie on the air and to events in the community.  But Frank goes beyond that, he helps spread awareness about the devastating disease of breast cancer.  He raises money to help us battle this disease.  On the 19th of every month, Frank and Tracey spend an entire hour during their “Think Pink” bringing you important stories about the local war on breast cancer, from ways you can join in the fight to important advances in research and local programs available to breast cancer survivors.  Last year, when thousands gathered in a scorching August day to make a huge human pink ribbon in the parking lot of Kings Island, Frank braved the heat to keep everybody upbeat on the microphone.  We are honored that Franks gives generously of his time and talent to help spread the important message about Susan G. Komen Greater Cincinnati and our local impact on the war on breast cancer.


Tracey Johnson will apologize when she tears up on the air.  It happens from time to time when she talks to survivors about their personal battle with breast cancer.  But we think Tracey’s honest reaction shows her huge heart and great empathy to those battling this disease.  Each month, Tracey goes far beyond the call of duty to plan the information she and Frank deliver during their “Think Pink” segments.  This year, Tracey emceed Komen’s Power of the Promise event, receiving the “Promise of One Award” for giving so selflessly of her talent and spirit to our mission of ending breast cancer forever.  We are honored that Tracey is the newest member of the Komen Greater Cincinnati Board of Directors.

Tracey at this years Power of the Promise accepting the Promise of One Award.

The dynamic duo of Frank and Tracey, along with the entire on-air and behind-the-scenes crew at FOX19, are an amazing example of how a team can come together and make a huge impact.  Look for them September 29th at the Race where they’ll bring live coverage of Cincinnati’s number one fundraising event, the Race for the Cure, into homes across the Tri-State and welcome all of our survivors and friends and family to the finish line.  We are incredibly honored to have their team on our team!

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