week three… cancer fighting family

Tri-State family unites to take on breast cancer!

Sweeney Family at their first Race for the Cure

Our life changed four years ago when we heard the words “you have breast cancer”. The first thing that Keith and I worried about was how do we tell our two young sons what we had ahead of us without scaring them? Keith’s suggestion was to stay positive and keep moving in the right direction to our goal- beating cancer. That’s just what we did- laughed through the tears when I lost my hair, cuddled in to watch movies when I didn’t feel good during my treatment, and raising money for Susan G. Komen Cincinnati to fund research towards finding a cure.  Through our fundraising efforts as a family by forming Team SuperGirl!, the boys were able to learn that they can take an active role in  making a difference. 

The boys and the lemonade stand that started it all…


It all started with an idea to set up a corner lemonade stand, with the profits going to our Race team. Then the ideas started to flow!  Used book sales, garage sales, selling pink bottles of water outside Kroger and donation boxes at local businesses. It really starts to add up! Each year, as The Race for the Cure rolls around, our family looks forward to making an impact. Turning a negative into a positive, a lesson my boys have learned early in their lives. Susan G. Komen Cincinnati has taught our family that the world is bigger than just us, and that ideas, no matter how small they may seem, put together can make a huge difference!

Carson and a friend at the 2011 Power of the Promise Event- where Carson was recognized at the top Kid’s for the Cure fundraiser. He has raised over $3000 in the past two years!

Team SuperGirl at Great American Ballpark at the 2011 Race

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