week two… the glass is half full

“The glass is always half full,” that’s how Tina Kehr Conrad lived her life.  Even in the face of a devastating diagnosis of Stage IV triple negative breast cancer at the age of 41, Tina chose to remain positive.   Instead of focusing on losing her hair, Tina named her new wig “Jolene.”  Instead of worrying about the pain of a double mastectomy, Tina joked about getting new “ta-tas.”   Tina was determined that her breast cancer wouldn’t define her.  It never did.

For 16 months, Tina battled breast cancer with grace, humor and her signature positive attitude.  Her friends, family and church rallied behind her. She never complained. Never said a negative word.  Instead, she focused on her fight, her family and her faith.

For Tina, it was important to reach out to other women facing this disease.  For Tina’s family, it was important to rally around her.  They decided to form the team “Tina’s Angels” for the 2010 Greater Cincinnati Race for the Cure.

Troy and his sister and HERO Tina!

When Race day came along on September, 25th 2010, Tina was weak and short of breath.  Her family suggested pushing her in a wheelchair.  But Tina’s glass was still half full.  She walked the entire 2k surrounded by loved ones.  Her doctor was amazed! “Tina’s Angels” raised nearly $8,000, catapulting her team to the top ten for fundraising.  Tina’s dream of helping others facing this disease had become a reality.

Less than two months later, Tina passed away.  Her friends, family and our Affiliate lost a beautiful warrior in the battle against breast cancer, but we know the glass is half full.  We also gained an Angel.  And because of “Tina’s Angels,” nearly $15,000 has been raised to fund local life-saving programs and breast cancer research.  Because of Tina, one hundred women in Greater Cincinnati have received mammograms that couldn’t otherwise afford them.  Because of Tina, women have a far better shot at early detection and living long lives.  And because of Tina, their glass is half full and so is ours!

1 thought on “week two… the glass is half full

  1. Tina was a very special person who irradiated positive energy and always had a BIG smile despite any adversity. She put a good fight during her illness. I remember her making me promise to give her “salsa lessons” once she got discharged from ICU. Tina is an example of how positive attitude can defeat many negative aspects of cancer. She touched many people at the hospital where she was treated. It was a delight caring for her. I am glad to see that her family members have not let up in the fight agains this horrible disease.

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