be inspired.. week one

Can you believe it? September 29, 2012, will mark Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Cincinnati’s 15th Annual Race for the Cure. Over the past 15 years, each of us has been given reasons to fight for the cure for breast cancer. In the 15 weeks leading up to  the 2012 Race for the Cure, we will  be sharing with you just a few of the countless inspiring stories that have made our Affiliate what it is today. These stories will come from individuals who have helped in the trenches to give local women a fighting chance against this disease. These individuals are not only survivors, but are also co-survivors, grantees, sponsors, and volunteers. These are 15 lives that have forever changed the lives of thousands of others.  We hope you take the time to read each one… we promise you’ll be inspired!

Jean Lambers Bode and her entire family run, walk and fundraise each year in the Komen Greater Cincinnati Race for the Cure. The longtime commitment and passion that they have to make certain that others that are diagnosed with breast cancer have all the services and resources they need to fight and win their battle.

Nancy and friends at the 1999 Race for the Cure

Nancy and friends at the 1999 Race for the Cure
From left to right: Lisa Tanner (Nancy’s best friend,) Peggy Isenogle (1999 Race Chair,) Jen Armbruster (Nancy’s cousin and Volunteer,) Nancy Lambers Bresser, Jean Bode (Nancy’s big sister,) Cathy Westrich (Survivor and Volunteer.)

Jean writes:
My little sister Nancy did not do one amazing thing, she just simply was amazing.  Nancy Lambers Bresser was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 days after her 25th birthday, and passed away just shy of her 30th. During that time, she brought joy, hope and lived with serenity.  She did not set out to become a warrior in the fight against breast cancer, but she led the charge none-the-less. When our family searched for support we found a friend in Komen Cincinnati and the Race for the Cure. During her last year, Nancy was unable to walk unaided, but during the 1999 Race for the Cure, while proudly wearing her Number 1 Survivor Bib and pink hat, she was prompted by her best friend Lisa to get out of her wheelchair as they neared the finish line. Nancy with her beautiful smile, and shaky legs, courageously finished her Race walking by herself!  She was surrounded by a tear-filled crowd of family, friends and strangers, who all understood what they were witnessing.

Our family and friends continue to be proud supporters of the Komen Cincinnati Race for the Cure and were blessed when the Nancy Lambers Bresser Serenity Award was created in 2000, to honor those who lives have been touched by breast cancer. Nancy was so much more than a person with breast cancer; she was a wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, niece, and kindergarten teacher. In all those roles she simply lived the life she was given in peaceful acceptance and serenity. I continue the fight for her; I just wish I was doing it with her.  As Nancy said, “All is well.”

Nancy inspired her family to fight so those diagnosed with breast cancer have a chance to win their battle. Who inspires you? Share your inspiration and know we will finish this fight together!

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