2011 Komen Leadership Conference

The Greater Cincinnati Affiliate was proud to be a part of the 2011 Susan G. Komen for the Cure Leadership Conference. Over 1,000 advocates, Affiliate representatives, partners, and volunteers convened in Ft. Worth, Texas over March 24-27, 2011. Supporters came not only from around the nation, but from around the world.

Attendees heard from many of the leaders, active in the fight against breast cancer. Local affiliates from North Carolina and Oklahoma presented on their recent success in increasing their local budgets, which increased their abilities to extend their mission and support activities. A professor of Surgical Oncology, Dr. Mohamed Shalaan of Cairo, Egypt shared how the Race for the Cure has created more awareness than ever, in a culture that has kept the terrible disease concealed behind closed doors.  Attendees also heard from a panel of Komen Scholars- professors and scientists involved in ground breaking research. The Komen Scholars provided updates on targeted personal therapies, specifically in the fields of surgical treatment options and prevention methods based on genetic susceptibility. There were also representatives from the Komen Advocacy Alliance sharing tips and strategies for pursuing public policy and quality care in these tough economic times.

The Komen Leadership Conference highlighted the best-in class abilities that are only possible with the support and passion of our local communities. All of the components in the fight against this terrible disease were possible because of the local outreach and commitment to finding the cure- from fundraising with the Race for the Cure, to reaching women in rural communities where resources are scarce, to the initiatives taken by the Italian Affiliate of Komen to extend Komen’s global reach. In gathering and sharing these stories and experiences- it is with the hope that we may all learn from each other- to encourage and motivate one another, to further inspire the breast cancer movement.

Komen Greater Cincinnati representatives at the 2011 Leadership Conference.
Gene Barbor (Board Member), Hanna VanKuiken (staff), Amy Weber (staff), Peggy Isenogle (Executive Director, staff), Angela Norman (Board Member),
Karyn Ganaway-Balog (Board Member).

Click here for more photos and video from the conference.

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